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Founder & Creative Director, Ka Design Atelier

President, Bramco Group

Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum


Recognized as one of the top 40 Global Leaders by The Wharton School of Business and selected as a ‘Young Global Leader’ (YGL) for the World Economic Forum, Kanika Dewan is a leading entrepreneur who has been awarded several international Entrepreneur Of The Year accolades and has been recognized by the "Guinness Book of World Records" for her design work in stone. 

Kanika hails from a uniquely diverse background; she was born in India, spent her childhood in the Middle East, and attended the prestigious Cheltenham Ladies College in England before graduating with a concentration in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management from The Wharton School in the United States. Kanika started her journey as an Investment Banker at Citigroup and, driven by a desire to push envelopes and change global paradigms, left banking for the male-dominated construction industry and is now pioneering innovative design and construction on a global level.

As one of the few women at the forefront of major infrastructure projects in Asia, Kanika has been lauded for the build & design of the stone works and finishes at some of the world's largest airports: New Delhi International Airport: T3 & Mumbai International Airport. As Chairperson of Ka Design Atelier, Kanika’s technical and design expertise includes work with Philippe Starck, art work in stone for the world’s largest yachts including Abromovich's "Pelorus" and the King of Oman’s vessel where she innovated a proprietary light-weight stone system. Kanika's commitment to the environment was behind her design of a state-of-the-art eco-friendly paneling system for the 7-star Leela Palace Resort in Delhi. Her work is now expanding into creating construction materials to combat climate change and the creation of museum spaces that exist at the intersection of art, technology and education within public infrastructure in order to communicate a message of empowerment and unity for a diverse society. 

Kanika's experiences dealing with sexism and gender parity in the world of design & construction in some of the most difficult regions in India & the Middle East are inspirational and timely as they range from handling abuse in the workplace to overcoming physical violence. As a seasoned public speaker, Kanika has often been asked to present these issues during her various Keynotes at international events including the World Efficiency Solutions Summit under the patronage of President Macron, the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, and the World Economic Forum in Jordan, amongst others. 

Kanika has worked across several continents, giving her the exposure to address the sensitivities required to a incorporate SDGs in an increasingly polarized world. In addition to her passion for innovation & design, Kanika's ethos of making the world a better place is behind the development of initiatives for environmentally-conscious mobile housing for refugee crises and disaster relief. Kanika also continues to be extremely vocal about dealing with ‘Gunda Raj’ in an extremely male-dominated segment as her key to success as an NRI doing business in India and has been pushing an anti-corruption initiative  through her anti-bribe and pro-whistleblower policies in the notoriously corrupt global construction industry.  In her role as YGL, Kanika has made further strides towards her goal to highlight and reduce corruption on a global level and has publicly presented her social impact initiatives at the World Economic Forum's leadership journeys in Japan, Argentina and Jordan, amongst other recognized global leaders. Her recent speech at the World Economic Forum in Jordan, about her new initiative, a unique indicator of economic progress, has been recognized by the UN and associates of the World Bank.


  • "Global Overseas Indian Business Woman of the Year" Manama, Bahrain [2018].

  • "Young Global Leader" World Economic Forum [2016].

  • "Global Business Woman of the Year" Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, Mumbai, India. [2013].

  • "Wharton 40 under 40" Wharton Magazine.

  • Guinness Book of World Records: Design & Creation of the Largest Mosaic Portrait in the World [2012].

  • "Young Achiever of the Year" Society Magazine [2012].

  • "Most Innovative Woman of the Year," Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, Mumbai, India. [2011].

  • "Woman Initiative of the Year" for Design & Build of Stoneworks at Delhi International Airport T3, Dubai, UAE, [2010].

  • Prism Award, Marble Institute of America [2005].

  • ITSS Design Award [2004].

  • "Best Design & Workmanship" Award, Marble Institute of America [2001].

  • Wharton's "Next Generation of Leadership Team" selected by the Dean of The Wharton Business School as one of the youngest of the 200 members since its inception in the 1960s. 

  • Selected as one of the "Alumni Ambassadors" for cross learning and on-the-job training for current students, The Wharton Business School.

  • President of Wharton Women, The Wharton Business School.

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